Our Christian Tees Are Bringing Hope To The Hopeless

Most great fishermen don’t fish because they love trophies, but because they love fishing. Fishing is no longer just something they do, it has become a natural part of who they are. It’s the same way with a FISHER OF MEN. These Christian T-Shirts: Best Kept Secret For Evangelizing are the perfect illustration of this truth.

When Jesus first met two brothers who were fishermen – Peter and Andrew, He called them to follow Him. “I will make you FISHERS OF MEN”, Jesus said. (Mat 4:19) He took what they had known about their job and transformed them into ministry skills. He poured His spirit into them until their one driving passion was to win souls. (Prov. 11:30) He poured His word into them until they were thoroughly equipped for every situation. (2Tim 3:16&17) God has placed fishers of men and a great way to be one of those fisher man is with these christian t-shirts for guys.

all along the banks on this RIVER OF LIFE. In them, He’s polished skills, forged patience, grace, and mercy. He’s given them a keen eye for a hurting soul – a heart that speaks wisely (Prov16:21).They overflow with His Love.(Rom 5:5)

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He’s not perfect, this Fisher Of Men, but he knows the One who is. There may be no trophies on the wall, but be assured that a great cloud of witnesses (Heb 12:1) are keeping their eyes on this guy who’s dedicated his life to HITTING ALL THE RIGHT NOTE. The ball is now in your court, time to step out in faith with our faith filled Christian t-shirts and start winning the world for Christ.